Who or what is RixWood?

Who or what is RixWood? Here’s the short of it. I enjoy building things but I end up with a bunch of things that I already have. What better way to fund a hobby than put the extra woodworking things I create up for sale? I’m making this stuff anyway, may as well offer it up for someone else to enjoy.

Hi. I’m Rick. That guy right over there. You might be wondering why I don’t have an ‘x’ in my name. Well, do you remember the early 2000’s when everyone substituted a ‘z’ for an ‘s’? I do. It was HUGE. It was everywhere. What if, just maybe, ‘x’ in place of ‘cks’ grows to a huge cultural phenomenon? I can only dream. Anyways.

As I said before, I’m Rick. I’m a thirty-something dad of four living the suburban life. Woodworking is a hobby of mine, and now, I suppose website development is. As is 3D printing. I’m sort of a hobby collector. I also enjoy riding my bike and running but those hobbies don’t have any potential to make money, i.e. I’m slow. By day, I’m an aerospace engineer helping the human race get off this planet and find aliens. I enjoy taking my enjoyment of engineering and bridging it over to woodworking and 3d printing to help me do some interesting things. Could be a cutting board with far too much thought put into the dimensions and layout or some complex 3d printed jig to help accomplish some odd woodworking task. Come to think of it, jig making is probably what you make most as a woodworker. Sorry to disappoint.

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